Serving Vancouver WA

Diet is a crucial part of an elder’s life. Also dining is a treasured part of all our daily lives. Angelbrook is proud to recruit a professional dietitian that develop nutritious yet appetizing menus. Part of the Angelbrook Senior Living experience is finding the perfect balance between nutrition and soul-warming.  

Personalized Menu & Favorite Meals

Upon their arrival, each of our elders and their loved ones are consulted on how best to incorporate diet restrictions, favorite ingredients, preferred foods or recipes. Our residents can enjoy their best-loved foods while ensuring a nutritionally appropriate diet.

Seasonal Recipes & Menu Feedback

Variety is be the spice of life. We want to strive to make great menus that feature favorite and new foods. Our staff incorporates fresh, seasonal ingredients and themes. While even sometimes our favorite foods can get a little repetitive. Our attentive staff will listen to any and all feedback about their menu, including if a certain meal is getting a little tiresome!

Visits, Celebrations and Family Dining

Meals are often the center of family gatherings and celebrations. Angelbrook Senior living encourages our residents to make special arrangements for a fine dining visit. Anniversaries, birthdays or any other type of celebration can be planned -even special meals or recipes.

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