Serving Vancouver WA

Home Health CareThe transition from in-home living to a retirement community can be a challenging one for both the elder and their family. Angelbrook Senior Living is committed to continuing social life and an active lifestyle in each elder’s capacity. Our number one priority is to provide dignity and a nurturing environment.

We understand how elders can feel a sense of hopelessness and depression. Angelbrook Senior Living wants to empower our elders in this phase of their lives. Our elders can feel at ease with our 24-hour supportive services while enjoying our various daily activities. The program we provide promotes social activities that also encourage memory retention and attention to detail.

Each elder is initially assessed for their specific level of care requirements as well as mental and physical capabilities. Our goal is to encourage personal passions and hobbies for as long as possible. Also, research has shown a link to longevity of lifespan from maintaining a high quality of life from daily physical, and social, activity, brain use and memory exertion.

Daily activities could include but aren’t limited to:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Baking
  • Daily Exercise
  • Field trips
  • Guests And Live Entertainment
  • Memory Fitness

Angelbrook Senior Living closely monitors all daily activity programs by our certified staff.

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